A New Way of Working – Bringing Mindfulness Into Organizations by Rasmus Hougaard

rasmus-houggardRasmus Hougaard, the Founder and Managing Director of The Potential Project shares his first experience of bringing mindfulness into an organization. He is recognized as a leading international authority on training the mind to be more focused, effective and clear in an organizational context.

My experience of bringing mindfulness into organizations started with a huge failure. It was early 2005. I had been practicing mindfulness for more than a decade and I had experienced the benefits of being more focused, calm and clear minded at work and at home. I was convinced that my experience was not unique and that others would benefit from applying mindfulness into their everyday working lives.

I found a client and had the opportunity to share the gift of mindfulness with the staff and leaders of a large organization. For weeks, I planned the day. I was ready. I was passionate. From the morning to lunch I told stories, gave instructions, and put them to the practice. I was excited and certain they would be too.

But I was wrong. Badly wrong. After lunch, I was ready to continue – power packed and inspired. The group was not. They didn’t come back. That was a tough moment.

It became a pivotal day for me. I realized how naïve I had been. I had tried to bring something very personal into a professional context but had not connected the dots between ancient mind training techniques and modern day work-life. Convinced of the benefits, I resolved to find a way to bridge the gap.

I brought together business leaders, researchers and mindfulness masters to help develop tools and techniques that would bring ancient wisdoms into current office realities. After some years, the corporate based mindfulness training (CBMT) program was formed. Now, companies including Accenture, American Express, General Electric, Google, Nike, Sony, and Ogilvy are using CBMT to create “a new way of working” for individuals and teams within their organizations.

The “new way of working” blog is our vehicle to share our ideas, tools, techniques and experiences in bringing mindfulness into every day work life. We are passionate about helping individuals and organizations be more successful, creative and resilient in today’s pressured, always-on, information overloaded and distracted work environments. We hope this blog will be a useful tool to create more mindful organizations through inspiring others to bring more mindfulness into their day to day work lives.

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