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《提前一秒》- 运用正念引导的商业成果


One Second Ahead –Mindfulness as a Driver For Business Results

According to science, these days our minds are involuntarily wandering half of our waking hours[i].  Why? Because for decades, at work, our attention has been under siege.  I call it the P A I D reality; we are under constant pressure, always on, information overloaded and working in highly distracted environments. I have observed these four tendencies in organizations in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

How to keep your mindset as sharp as your skillset

Picture the scene: more than 200 business people sitting in silence at round tables in a large conference room with their eyes closed at 8.30am on a weekday. They are not sleeping, but practising an exercise in mindfulness led by Rasmus Hougaard,the Danish managing director of the Potential Project, an international corporate-based mindfulness training organisation.

Enhancing Creativity: It’s Not What You Think

Get out of that conceptual frame of mind and into more creative, perceptual thinking by reading what Jacqueline says about enhancing creativity at work. Is it possible in our frantic workplace to clear our minds to be creative? It’s not only possible but essential if we want to come up with the creative solutions we need to stay ahead.

A New Way of Working – Bringing Mindfulness Into Organizations by Rasmus Hougaard

My experience of bringing mindfulness into organizations started with a huge failure. It was early 2005. I had been practicing mindfulness for more than a decade and I had experienced the benefits of being more focused, calm and clear minded at work and at home. I was convinced that my experience was not unique and that others would benefit from applying mindfulness into their everyday working lives.