Client Story

Firm Name

The Challenge:

Enhance staff effectiveness and resilience for mental health managers in a major regional health district in Australia.

The Program:

Management was concerned with burnout and stress for their staff of psychiatrists, psychologists and senior nurses who provide inpatient, commu- nity, habitation and special services to a regional population of 840,000

Mental Health Service Managers com- pleted the 4-month Corporate Based Mindfulness Training (CBMT) program. Along with consistent positive feed- back from participants, a formal scientific study found the program had statistically significant results in:
Increased focus at work
Enhanced work-life balance
Increased awareness
Improvement in total mindfulness

Performance Stats

  • 56%
    Increased Focus

What They Said:

I find I am more effective and can retain information more easily. I am also more able to tune out background noises and conversations and concentrate on the task at hand. In addition to the personal benefits, the CBMT program has benefitted the Mental Health Service as a whole. It has encouraged a more mindful and respectful culture.