Client Story


The Challenge:

Headwaters, a nationwide US construction company is taking employee safety to a new level. Research shows that most work incidents happen due to a lack of focus or awareness. Headwaters addresses the issue by implementing mindfulness training for leadership and employees to create a culture of mindful situational awareness.

The Program:

In partnership with Potential Project, specialists in utilizing mindfulness for safety, Headwaters train their staff to avoid incidents with potential human or environmental implications.

What They Said:

“In operating big machinery, the risk of incidents will always be there. But mindfulness, combined with standard safety procedures takes safety to another level. Safety is a core value for us. With Potential Project we use mindfulness to enhance situational awareness which is absolutely vital in a safe environment. We are creating situational awareness subcommittees at each site, to utilize mindfulness and improve the safety of our people”.
Kirk Benson, CEO of Headwaters