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  • David Chung

    David is experienced in delivering corporate mindfulness programs to a wide range of clients and brings presence and focus into all his interactions. He first stepped on the path of mindfulness through the teachings of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. David combines his practice of mindfulness with 20 years of experience in implementing IT solutions across Asia and the USA for Sales & Marketing stakeholders, from an entrepreneurial digital marketing agency to a Fortune 500 MNC environment. Over 16 of those years were spent at Intel Corporation where he held regional to global responsibilities in a variety of roles. David continues to cultivate his mindfulness practice as a core member of the Joyful Garden Sangha Community of Mindful Living in Singapore following the Plum Village tradition. An active volunteer in the running community, he finds long distance running highly conducive to the practice of mindfulness, and has completed numerous marathons and ultra-marathons up to 126km long.

  • Sarah Robertson M.Sc., Ph.D.

    Sarah has over 25 years experience helping organisations with leadership development and large-scale orgaisational change. Her career has spanned GE, Accenture and BCG during which time she has developed a range of corporate mindfulness and positive psychology programs for clients. She is passionate about the wide-scale benefits that mindfulness brings to organisations and has had a personal daily mindfulness practice for 5 years.

  • Jane Grafton, MBA

    With a background as a Major in the British Army, Jane's career has taken her around the globe for two decades. She has been working as a mindfulness coach, senior HR advisor and corporate trainer in large corporations in Asia, USA, and Europe. Jane has been involved with mind training since 1992 with a specific focus on applied mindfulness in the workplace and professional development.

  • Jennifer Davis

    Jennifer Davis is a psychotherapist, coach and corporate mindfulness trainer based in Singapore. She has incorporated mindfulness in her work with individuals and organizations since 1999. In addition to leveraging the benefits of mindfulness for effectiveness, productivity and positive relationships, she has also been Project Manager for three National Institutes of Health research studies investigating mindfulness-based health benefits. Jennifer has lived and worked in US, Europe, Africa and Asia.

  • Bhavani Prakash

    Bhavani Prakash is a speaker, trainer and coach in the areas of mindfulness, sustainability and strengths based leadership, and has delivered to audiences of senior leaders in various forums and organisations, including the PM of Singapore. She is a TEDx presenter and was nominated Sony-IWA Woman of the Year 2014. Bhavani has a Masters in Financial Economics from University of London and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta.

  • Gregor Lange, D.Psy.Sc, M.Sc.

    Gregor is a German-born, Irish and American trained clinical psychologist. His work experiences include working in public health care services (Ireland), private clinics (Ireland, USA, Vietnam) and currently lecturing at the National University Singapore (NUS) where he teaches Mindful Psychology. He has also worked as an independent consultant, researcher and author. Gregor’s clinical work has included working with families, couples and individual adults with a variety of problems for more than 10 years. He is particularly interested in mindfulness-based interventions and how mindfulness can enrich the lives of clients and the community.