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  • John Wurcker CA, B Ag Econ, Dip Fin Mgt, MAICD

    Over a 30 year period John has worked as a facilitator, consultant, executive, CEO and director - in the private, public and not for profit sectors across the Asia Pacific region. As an experienced mindfulness practitioner and teacher, and a founding director of Potential Project Australia, he is passionate about how mindfulness and a more effective mind can enhance the performance of our organisations and the wellbeing of staff.

  • Gillian Coutts, B Ec, Grad Dip Stats/OR, Grad Dip Counseling

    Gillian has over 20 years experience as a leader and change agent in the sales and operations functions of large corporations. She has worked across a range of industries including retail, government, transport, oil and gas, and human services. She holds graduate qualifications in business, operations research and counseling, and is passionate about delivering the benefits of mindfulness to corporate life.

  • Jo Gaha, M.SocStuds, MAASW

    Jo holds postgraduate qualifications in social work and has many years experience in various contexts as a leader, facilitator, change agent, manager, clinician and teacher. Mindfulness is an important practice in her life and a powerful framework for working within organisations in all their complexity.

  • Robyne Blood, M.Sc.

    Robyne has extensive expertise in facilitating change at multiple levels: organisational, team and individual. Robyne utilises evidenced-based, positive psychology frameworks and often employs whole system dialogue interventions to rapidly accelerate change through broad engagement. Robyne incorporates principles and practices from complexity theory in her approach to resolving complex organisational change issues and has worked with many top Australian companies including McKinsey and Company. Robyne has incorporated mindfulness in her approach for many years.

  • Tanya James

    Tanya works at the cutting edge of social and organisational change, specialising in strategy implementation, leadership and innovation. She has 15 years’ experience designing, leading and consulting to business, government and non-profits. She is known for her deep understanding of how to change complex systems and develop collaborative capacity in teams, organisations and multi-stakeholder groups. Tanya’s life and approach to her work are centered on her many years of meditation practice.

  • Declan Brady

    Declan has 24 years experience working in the corporate sector as a leader and change agent in the IT and operations functions of large organisations. Working predominately in the financial services industry he has both led and coached teams to become more agile and resilient in how they adapt to the increasingly complex business environments. He consults in strategy execution, leadership development, cultural change and executive coaching. Declan is passionate about embedding evidenced-based mindfulness practices into daily organisational life. He sees mindfulness as a foundation stone for individuals and groups to work at their highest potential without having to sacrifice their wellbeing.

  • Robert Meredith

    For over 15 years Robert has worked with senior teams and management all over the world assisting them to create the leadership and corporate cultures that support them to achieve their vision and goals. He was a foundation member of Mckinsey’s Mindsets and Capabilities initiative. Outside of work, his love of The Himalayas led him to create “Conscious Trekking”, a travel company taking like-minded people to discover ‘spirit of place’ in the mountains.

  • Murray Paterson

    Murray has over 25 years’ experience in education - working as a senior leader and manager of educational design, development and delivery teams in various settings including university, professional association, corporate and professional services organisations. Murray has been a mindfulness practitioner for over 20 years and applies the understandings this has brought him to all aspects of his work, particularly as an executive coach and facilitator. He holds an honours degree in Zoology with a co-major in English literature and postgraduate training in instructional design.

  • Sally-Anne Cotton

    Sally-Anne has more than 20 years experience as a facilitator and executive coach across a wide range of industries and sectors. She is passionate about supporting leaders and their organisations in being the best they can be: building values-driven cultures where people thrive and greater engagement and productivity translate into improved business performance. Sally-Anne is excited about the role Corporate Based Mindfulness Training can play in supporting personal and cultural transformation.

  • Nathalie Heynderickx

    Nathalie has an academic background in Computer Sciences and Project Management. She has worked with large global consulting firms for over 12 years implementing business transformation initiatives and gained experienced across several industries, roles, geographies and cultures. A deep mindfulness practice has been part of her corporate and personal life for over 10 years and she sees it as an important enabler of both high performance and wellbeing.

  • Sabina Vitacca

    Sabina has been delivering mindfulness programs professionally since 2008 both in England and Australia. Sabina’s professional experience working in the mental health field has allowed her to repeatedly observe the relationship between stress and health problems. This, and her personal experience of the benefits of mindfulness, motivates her to integrate mindfulness, awareness training and focus when working with colleagues and clients.

  • Eve Wilson

    Eve is a leader and manager in the allied health sector and a passionate mentor and coach for new business start-ups. Eve’s mindfulness practice began 30 years ago. She has experienced first hand the benefits of mindfulness to all aspects of life and the application of mindfulness in the work setting is an important aspect of her work. Eve is the facilitator and trainer for an innovative mindfulness based program for people with Parkinsons Disease.

  • Sharee Johnson, MAPS, BBSc, Grad Dip App Psych, Grad Dip HR

    Sharee is a registered Psychologist and Executive Coach. She has worked in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors over the last 24 years building a unique combination of expertise in organisational, health and counselling psychology. Sharee considers mindfulness the most effective way to bring sustained change and focus to life, particularly at work. Integrating mindfulness into her coaching and facilitation practice, enables clients to benefit from a growth mindset to help improve their performance and well-being.

  • Kerry Azar, M.Ed.

    Kerry has an extensive background working in leadership, consulting and academic positions in Australia, Europe, USA and Asia - primarily across education, IT and aerospace. Kerry’s approach embraces the constant shift and change needed to successfully adapt, align and operate in a time short, complex and fast-moving business environment. She works as a consultant, leadership coach and facilitator and finds mindfulness flows naturally into this space.

  • Lindel Greggery

    Lindel worked as a journalist and editor before moving into public relations and corporate communications. She has facilitated and coached organisations, businesses and individuals through change and growth using tools such as mindfulness training, whole brain thinking, personality profiling and brand development frameworks. Lindel has practiced mindfulness daily for the past decade and has deep firsthand experience of how mindfulness training can improve effectiveness, insight, calmness and clarity in high-pressure work settings.

  • Johanne Klap, M.Ed.

    Jo is a leadership coach and designs and facilitates bespoke professional development programs for a diverse range of industries - including the resource, retail and military sectors. She holds a Masters in Education and a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology. Jo’s focus has always been on working from people’s own deep wisdom and assisting them to realise the potential in themselves and others. Jo integrates her own mindfulness practice with her corporate clients to enhance their engagement, performance and wellbeing.

  • Neera Scott