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  • Gitte Dybkjær, M.Sc.

    Gitte holds a MSc. in International Business and Intercultural Management with Japanese. She has many years of experience within sales, leadership, organizational and business development from Consultancy, the FMCG and NGO industry. She is specialized in developing high performing people, teams and organizations across cultures. Gitte has several years of experience with mindfulness and she perceives mindfulness as the most powerful tool to unfold people's and organizations' potential.

  • Kirsten Cleemann

    In addition to having many years of experience with mindfulness and being a certified mindfulness trainer at Potential Project, Kirsten has spent the last 8 years as a partner in the Copenhagen Coaching Company. She focuses on personal leadership and team performance. Before that Kirsten worked in sales for 15 years in the travel and hospitality industry. Kirsten is passionate about the implementation of mindfulness in working life, as it increases efficiency and creativity and thus influence the power of execution, mindset, routines, and behavior. Kirsten perceives mindfulness and techniques of mindfulness, as one of the most powerful ways to create development, improving well-being, efficiency and joy.

  • Rikke Østergaard, M.A.

    Rikke holds a masters degree in sociology and has studied eastern psychology at University of Sydney. She has worked with mindfulness since 2003 and is specialized in helping managers and leaders in finding their true potential in a hard demanding work life. Rikke considers mindfulness the most powerful tool in organizational development and personal change.

  • Emma Adolfsson

    Emma has held a wide range of IT leadership and consulting roles across a range of industries going through transformation and change. She has had a leading role in several large scale global change programs in transportation, automation, public sector and consumer goods.
    Emma has personal experience practicing mind training for 15 years, and was introduced to mindfulness in a corporate environment through a large program at Carlsberg. She was fascinated by the positive effects in a working environment and has since joined Potential Project as a trainer to help other organisations go through the significant improvements she and her colleagues experienced.

  • Lone Belling, M.Sc.

    Working with change and development Lone integrates her professional experience from the fields of communication, process work, education and leadership. Lones holds a MSc. in Political Science and exec. Diplomas in HRD + Journalism. She has 40 years experience with mind training practices and integrates some of these methods in coaching, leadership programs and organisational development to help people in their busy and demanding life finding potentials and power.