Mind Training in Law Firms

Mind Training in Law Firms

What drives exceptional performance in lawyers?

People often believe that it is analytical capability. However, studies show that top-performing lawyers actually excel in soft skills such as stress management and interpersonal competencies. Moreover, mindfulness – the capacity for directing and sustaining one’s attention – is a key driver of performance, especially in today’s environment of mounting pressure, disruption, and high turnover. Fortunately, mindfulness can be trained.

This white paper summarizes empirical research from a variety of sources on how mindfulness impacts lawyers on a variety of attributes: efficacy, focus, client relations and communications, resilience and stress, staff turnover, and creativity and innovation. It also highlights the professional value of these attributes to lawyers and their firms. Furthermore, this paper shares quantitative and qualitative information on the impact of Potential Project’s mindfulness programs at law firms and other organizations with knowledge workers.

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