Select an Approach

Program Offerings

When you partner with Potential Project you are not hiring a vendor or buying a product. You are entering a conversation on the developmental potential of your organization and people–and it is always customized to meet your needs. Regardless of the specific content we tailor for your solutions we generally offer 5 levels of activities with you.

Get Inspired

An inspirational and engaging keynote speech at your annual offsite, a Lunch & Learn, team day or TownHall meeting. We will provide an energizing and thought provoking introduction to mindfulness, tailored to your needs.

Get Started

From 90 minutes to a full day of impactful techniques to improve effectiveness, culture and creativity.

Get In The Game

A program consisting of 4 to 12, 75-minute sessions, in-house, customized training to change individual habits and organizational culture towards performance, energy and balance. Includes training of Internal Champions and other features to secure sustainable changes.

Mindful Leadership

A two day intensive training program based on mindfulness, tailored towards impactful, authentic and compassionate leadership.

Get Us Involved

A seamless integration of mindfulness training, integrated into your existing training programs for leaders and employees. Customized to address the general topic of your existing training program.