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Community Practice + Q&A

At this most extraordinary and challenging time, we would like to offer some immediate support to you and your teams.

To help you to connect and build your mental resilience together we have organised virtual weekly drop-in practice sessions with a Potential Project senior facilitator. These sessions include a 7-minute mind training practice as well as time for questions and answers. These sessions will enable you to build a more resilient, calm and focused mind. The weekly drop-in sessions will run for 12 weeks starting 7 October 2020 at 12:00 nn HKT.

We hope that you will take the opportunity at this challenging time to schedule these sessions into your calendar.

Every Wednesday at 12:00 nn HKT starting 7 October 2020.

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Boosting Well-Being in As Little as 10 Minutes

Potential Project recently had the great privilege of working with one of the largest, global health technology companies. Well ahead of virtually any other company of their size, our client did something profound. Anticipating the stress and strain brought on by the coronavirus crisis, our client initiated a rapid, global roll-out of resilience training across their organization. Delivered by Potential Project, the training included Resilience Booster webinars and three weeks of daily, drop-in resilience training sessions. The daily sessions were 10 minutes of mindfulness practice plus time to share tips for finding calm and balance with work and family life.

Over 700 employees from 40+ countries attended the daily drop-in sessions over the three-week run. We polled participants on how they felt both before and after the sessions, and the difference was striking. Below are the key shifts that emerged:

From Negative to Positive

At the beginning of all sessions, the emotional tone of the participants was fairly dispirited. 75% of participants reported a negative emotion, such as sad/down/tired, anxious, angry and stressed. In contrast, at the end of the sessions, the emotional tone was overwhelmingly positive (99%) versus negative (1%). After only ten minutes of quieting their minds, 45% of participants reported feeling a sense of calm and 29% reported feeling gratitude.

From Thinking to Being

Similar to what we found with our March focus groups, many participants came to the sessions with a “let’s think our way through this crisis” mentality. At the beginning of the sessions, participants’ language reflected a very high degree of analytical thought (94th percentile). Throughout the course of the sessions, participants were able to let go of the over-thinking orientation and transition to just being present and experiencing their emotions. At the end of the sessions, participants’ language reflected a downshift to a more moderate and balanced degree of analytical thought (61st percentile).

From Alone to Together

One of the most encouraging insights which emerged from the sessions is that even a small amount of time together triggered a positive emotional contagion in the group – a sense that others feel the same way and we are all in this together. This emotionally unifying experience was achieved at scale despite the virtual format of the webinars, a clear testament to the fundamental need to belong especially during difficult times.

As companies intensely plan how to transition their operations and workforces to new realities, ignoring or avoiding discussions of employees’ mental states can come at a steep cost. The exciting news is that a small investment can deliver high dividends. Our client work has shown that creating even small, 10-minute opportunities for coming together and recharging our minds can alleviate anxious uncertainty and boost resilience and performance at work. When so much today seems insurmountable, companies have the chance to offer something tangible that makes a real difference.

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