Client Story

Health New England

The Challenge:

In the United States the health insurance industry has been rapidly changing since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. New regulations, products, and processes have been required. As a result Health New England has faced increased stress levels among their leaders.

The Program:

To support the Health New England mission of improving the health and lives of people in their community, the company introduced Potential Project’s Mindful Leadership program to their leadership team. Researchers from the National University of Singapore have studied the results and they will be published shortly.

What They Said:

“People have taken what they have learned in the program and brought it back to their homes and family. To me as an employer, that is priceless. This program gives our people a chance to be part of our mission to improve the health and life of the people in our community. I cannot say enough good things about the Potential Project, and if someone would ask me “Would I invest the dollars again?”, – in a heartbeat.”
Maura McCaffrey, President & CEO, Health New England