Client Story

IF Insurance

The Challenge:

IF Insurance, one of the largest insurance companies in Europe has a clear ambition: To become the healthiest insurance company, make work a source of energy, and develop the highest potential of each employee.

The Program:

Since 2008 IF Insurance has rolled out Corporate Based Mindfulness Training programs for employees in all divisions of the organization. Multiple 4-month Mindful Leadership programs have been conducted.

Researchers from Singapore Management University have done studies and found significant improvements in:

  • Focus
  • Awareness
  • Job satisfaction
  • Organizational loyalty

Performance Stats

  • 88%
    Ability to Stay Focused on Task
  • 76%
    Cooperation and Positive Team Relationships
  • 65%
    Efficiency and Productivity
  • 59%
    Better Relations with Family and Friends

What They Said:

“I can’t think of any leadership training we have done that has had so much impact in so short a time”
Jesper Askjær, Head of IF Academy

“I joined the program expecting that I would become more focused and productive. That has happened and I am grateful. However, I realized another much bigger change: my employees and I are becoming better human beings.”
Thomas Berg, former Sales Executive