Course Essentials

Course Essentials

Whatever program or approach you decide, there are three essential elements that are part of everything we deliver.

Work Techniques

Would you like to learn how to achieve more effective work habits and cultures? Work Techniques are specific ways to bring mindfulness to almost everything you do: emails, meetings, and communication to name a few.

Mind Training

Mindfulness is about becoming the best version of yourself: focused, kind and creative. Our simple and direct approach to Mind Training improves our ability to be balanced under stress, focused on the task at hand and self-regulated in emotionally charged situations.

Mental Strategies

When was the last time you were joyful at work and patient with team dynamics? These are just two of the scientifically based Mental Strategies that have been shown to benefit performance, team cohesion and well-being. Often skeptical at first, leaders and employees embrace these strategies as they begin to see the results in their own work and life.