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Want to join? - Becoming a Trainer in Potential Project

Potential Project is the leading global provider of organizational effectiveness programs, based on mindfulness. Our mission is to help organizations achieve strategic objectives by enhancing performance, creativity and resilience.

Participating in our Train the Trainer-program is a necessary condition for to become certified to deliver our Corporate Based Mindfulness Training (CBMT). It is a unique mindfulness-based program, designed and developed specifically for organizations and working life.

Before committing to the trainer training, it is critical for potential participants (and us) to make a realistic assessment whether they have the necessary corporate experience, credibility, current networks and sales aptitude to be successful in securing and delivering this type of program.

First, the applicant shall meet some fundamental requirements (see below) to be considered a candidate in the application process. Secondly, each application needs to complete the Request for Information Document.

Requirements for Trainer Candidates

Below are some of the demands and expectations we have on our future colleagues. We are an organization that is driven by both a deep sense of mission and of passion, and we need colleagues that share our values.

1. Seven years of daily personal mindfulness or meditation practice. The length and intensity may vary depending on intensity in training, number of retreats etc.

2. Having substantial experience of intensive professional environments, either as employee (such as employment in a consultancy firm), manager/executive, or as a lecturer or consultant in subjects of work life relevance.

3. Extensive experience of in facilitating training for people in work life as well as organizing interventions with a customer.

4. Being able and willing to engage in goal-oriented sales work. We assume that you already have your own network of contacts, and experience of selling your services.

5. Having a strong commitment for bringing mindfulness to organizations, and contributing to the development and growth of Potential Project.

6. To truly appreciate – and be willing to contribute to – a community where we together build a unique business. You spontaneously and generously help your Potential Project clients, your fellow trainer colleagues when needed, and leave your own agenda at home.

If you qualify according to the above criteria, we would be very happy to receive an application from you.
Please do this by filling out the Request for Information Document and email it to

When the need for new trainers in a given country arise, all applications on file will be reviewed.
The country director will then interview qualified candidates, and recommend those who are selected for next Train the Trainer.

The Train the Trainer Programs are usually held twice a year in either Europe, North America, Asia, or Australia and is an intensive weeklong program that also requires substantial preparation through readings, webinars etc. as well as follow up afterwards.

If the candidate passes the Train the Trainer Program, then s/he is accredited as trainer in Potential Project. This accreditation is renewed on an annual basis, provided that the trainer has been active in delivery.

Business Model

If accepted and accredited as a trainer you will become a colleague and part of Potential Project, globally as well as locally.

You will:

1. Be fully equipped to deliver our world-class CBMT-program, validated in several studies and with great testimonials from many big companies.

2. Have access to material and resources that is constantly being updated and developed.

3. Have access to high profile stock of customers, including some of the biggest companies in the world.

4. A community of colleagues who also are passionate about mindfulness and for contributing towards a better world.

5. Being part of a very global and dynamic organization that constantly grows and develops.

6. A context where mindfulness is taken seriously, and is never watered down for short term profits.

7. A living Potential Project community, where books are written, research is conducted, global gatherings and retreats are arranged etc.

8. A network of colleagues that support and help each other.

9. A fair compensation scheme, where no one higher up in Potential Project earns unreasonable profit and where trainers can earn a decent living of their work. Any Potential Project company profits are donated towards charity.

Trainers are not employees of Potential Project, but work freelance, however always connected and in close collaboration with their country director and other Potential Project trainers. This means that you cannot become certified and then act on your own in a country where Potential Project already has a presence. Our business model is not based on income derived from the accreditation training, but rather on a long term, close collaboration.

While we may be able to provide trainers with client leads, the trainer should be committed to engage in sales work on their own, supported by their fellow trainers and country director. Most of our trainers also have other sources of income, but for the right person, there are opportunities for living off programs that are sold and delivered, but we do not guarantee income.

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